The goal of #NewTalent is to offer to the talent with desire to experience entrepreneurship-in a field not addressed until now, maritime and marine – a rigorous program of specialized territorial entrepreneurship, fully funded by the Catalunya Emprèn Program of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


What you can get


14 days with all paid expenses in a hostel in Catalonia with a staff of excellent mentors who will help you develop the business idea. 110 hours


4 days working on the maritime platforms of the ports of Barcelona (fishing and nautical) and the Puerto Náutico de Torredembarra as test elements of the business idea. 32 hours


Priority access to financing.

Personalized tutorials

5-10 days depending on the hours allocated per day, personalized tutoring to accelerate the business idea and opt for access to financing that allows the entrepreneurial proposal to be put in to work.

What we expect from your solution

Solving some of these problems

  • Performance in innovation and the development of small ports are below the EU average.
  • Aging of the sector and difficulties to find professionals with training and necessary capabilities.
  • Lack of ideas converted in employment references.
  • Answers to the supply of needs not covered.


Some of your future mentors

Iolanda Piedra

Program coordinator

Iolanda Piedra is the coordinator of the NewTalent program.
Bachelor of Economics, Master of Audit and Master in occupational risk prevention. She is President of the Spanish Club XXI Siècle and Honorary President of the Spanish Federation of Marine Entrepreneurs (IVEAEMPA). Member of the PIMEC Board and President of the Women and Business Commission of PIMEC. She is part of the Executive Committee of the Maritime Council of the Mediterranean (MEDAC). She promoted the creation of the IVEAEMPA Sea Accelerator and the Diversity Accelerator of the S.XXI Club in Catalonia, where she has carried out mentoring and acceleration tasks in different entrepreneurial projects. She is Business Angel and participates in the IESE Business Angels Network. She has been a professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and ESADE.

Santiago Ordás Jiménez

Professor at the Nautical School of Barcelona (UPC)

Marcial Valmorisco

Manager of support Smart Innovation in Everis, R & D project management and commercial strategy

Oriol Milà

Director of Port Torredembarra SA

Degree of Marine Sciences, Oceanography by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2001), Master in Port Engineering and Management by the Maritime Engineering Laboratory (LIM-CIIRC), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2005), Master in Administration and Management of companies. MBA from the Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona (2015. He has been the Director of Port Torredembarra SA since 2004. He has participated as a speaker in numerous seminars.

Antonio López

CEO de Domo4m SA

Computer Engineer from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Since 2016, he has been the CEO of domotics Domo4m SA and worked at Microsoft as a Global Alliance Manager until 2016. Entrepreneur was co-founder of the Domo4m start-up.

Fernando Díaz de Maria

Industrial Engineer

Nicolas Suàrez

Aeronautical Engineer from the University of Kansas

Artificial Intelligence trainer applied to ports and volumetric navigation to ports (Development, since 2009). He also has experience as a trainer in multisectoral planning (AENA, 1.989-2006) and traffic controller (AENA, 2007-2017)

Isaac Sayol

Master in structural engineering from the Tongji University of Shanghai

Degree in civil engineering from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. He has worked as a teacher in different training centers. He was tutor of the entrepreneurial projects in the Opportunity program within the framework of the Unique Projects 2016

Ramon Felip Bolba

President of Grupo Air Sano and CEO of Klug Compressors

Marketing Management by the ESMA and Commerce Studies by the Pia Igualada School. He is Director of Grupo Air Sano and CEO of Klug Compressors.
He also performs mentor tasks advising entrepreneurial initiatives presented to the company Klug Compressors.

Sandra Felip

Manager of Group Air Sano and Klug Compressors

Higher studies in business management at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Management Secretariat for the cultural institution CIC -BCN. She is the manager of two companies, Grupo air sa and Klug Compressors, dedicated to energy efficiency applied to different processes and products.

Joan Albà i Tort

CEO of the company Seed Corporate Finance, S.L.and founding partner of Flluidra Accelera

Bachelor in economics and master by Esade. CEO of the company Seed Corporate Finance, S.L. and founding partner of Flluidra Accelerates 2014, a corporate accelerator of entrepreneurship projectsSince 2009 he is also CEO of the company Opciones Seguras where to carry out tasks of acceleration of companies, Business Angel and Management of Strategic Planning and new technologies.

Agustí Turull

CEO in the company AGV GLOBAL REACH

Bachelor of Business Administration and Master in Business Administration and Management (specialty in Marketing) from the ESADE Business Administration and Management School (1980) and Bachelor in Business Management and Administration from the UPC (1985). Since 2012 he works as CEO in the company AGV GLOBAL REACH. He has lectured on sectoral topics, Clusters, Business and environmental issues at La Salle URL (15 years), Strategy, Marketing, Distribution, Logistics and Entrepreneurship at the UAB (12 years) and Smart city ACECCAT (4 years). of Strategy, Marketing, Distribution, Logistics and Entrepreneurship at the University College Barcelona (2 years).

Miguel Carrone

Chief Marketing Officer at the company Lateral View

Bachelor in marketing (marketing) from the Fasta University (Mar del Plata, Argentina) and Master in Business Administration from the Universidad del Centro (Tandil, Angentina). He works as Chief Marketing Officer in the company Lateral View (1.8 years), as Lead Event Manger for the Iniciador Foundation (4.5 years) and Chief Marketing Officer for the Marketeer company (1 year). He is a trainer in Product and Price Strategy and Business Plan.


Until september 13rd 2019


Until september 16th, 2019



From September 17th to 19th, 2019


The Advisory Committee will use evaluation criteria

September, 2019
October, 2019
November, 2019


Face-to-face training

September to november, 2019


Practices working on the maritime platforms of the Ports of Barcelona (fishing and nautical) and the nautical port of Torredembarra as elements for testing the business idea.

September to november, 2019


5-10 days depending on the hours allocated per day, personalized advice to accelerate the business idea and opt for access to financing that allows

put the entrepreneurial proposal into operation. 100 hours for the entrepreneur team

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